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Although Krav Maga is not really like many martial arts as it is fundamentally a self defence system, there are many aspects to it, and as such they are divided into groups of increasingly complex manoeuvres.

Each group requires the student to master the specific defences for different types of attacks, as well as training themselves in various punches, kicks and combination defence/attack moves. Some of the higher belts also require the student to demonstrate their sparring ability and aggression – this is not to develop an aggressive personality in the student, but more to ensure that the spirit inherent in the close quarter combat ethos of Krav Maga can be demonstrated in a safe environment.

It takes time to develop the specific skills required for each belt and as such students are restricted from taking more than two belts a year (apart from the yellow, which can be completed in 3 months).

The syllabi for all belts up to 1st Darga black belt can be downloaded from here: